Plàudite Theatre Performing Arts Centre: promotes the Art, the Culture and the Education through the Performing Arts creating social networks to the territory in order to produce a social impact.

Is a non-profit organisation founded in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, in 1998.

Performings Arts for Vicinity. We work transversally from the performing arts to have an impact on the cultural, educational and social sector.

We are a team of professionals from the Performing Arts with additional training in the field of Social Sciences, Education and Health.

From the beginning Plàudite Theatre has been working in three areas: Creativity, Education and Community & Social Theatre.

-In the Creation Area, Plàudite Theatre engages in experimentation, production, organization and artistic participation in cultural expressions like performances at venues such as museums, libraries, and also actions of solidarity.

In this way the association has developed its genuine style: “Theatre of Movement”, that supports a professional company called “Plàudite Teatre”. With more than 20 plays, mostly of its own creation, foster a sensitive and cooperative ambiance that connects with the audience by creating an atmospheric sensation.

-In the Education Area Plàudite Theatre has developed a model drawing on practical experience. In 1998 launched its educational Performing Arts programme, with more than 150 students each year, who ranged to three from over eighty years old.

We also have an intensive summer course: theatre, dance and circus for children and teenagers, and intensive monographic.

We support a group of youngsters in our theatre, and another group of young people as well in the Public Space.

As a Performing Arts Centre we have been organising:

A Festival of Performing Arts since 2003, which includes the Community and Social Theatre.

Performing actions.

Historical recreations at museums, libraries, and other performing experiences to promote and develop Culture and Art.

We also offer training and advice for the educational community to develop language skills throughout theatre techniques.

More than 9.000 people a year, directly or indirectly participate in a scenic experience with us.

The Community and Social theatre área:

The Director of Plàudite Teatre-EAE, Ms. Eugenia Delgado Mata is a specialist in using theatre for introducing changes into a community. She has develop a definition about it:

«Community theatre: is a theatrical form, made by and for a well-defined community, which its main target is to share stage experience. At the same time we can achive other goals related to the idiosyncrasies of the community involved.

We beleave that the Community theatre is a way of participating in a transversal, and amateur artistic way, with professionals of arts.»

Delgado Mata, Eugenia (2012). El Teatre Comunitari a l’Estat Espanyol ISBN: 978-84-695-4949-0

In this area, the artists interact with a community to develop a common project.

We work with the educational community, health sector and other social agents. In neighbourhoods and cities, creating networks in our hometowns.

The name “Plàudite” is the imperative form of the Latin verb “plaudo” which means to applaud. It was used at the end of Plauto’s comedies (III BC) to request the applause of the public.

EL LLOBREGAT (suplement de La Vanguardia), 02/11/2016: 
“Una de las escuelas más importantes de la zona Llobregat está en L’Hospitalet y se conoce como Plàudite Teatre – Espai d’Arts Escèniques; por cierto, en Santa Eulàlia. La entidad cultural lleva, desde 1998, fomentando el teatro como canal de expresión y, en la actualidad, cuentan con 150 alumnos de todas las edades que pasan cada semana por las instalaciones.

TV LH: QUI SOM, QUÈ FEM 25.06.2015

TV L’H: 8.11.203 15è Aniversari de Plàudite Teatre en 5 minuts

Tutoria de dos Becaris Leonardo Da Vinci 2014.

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