#ACTFEM is a scenic-technological project of social activism.

It’s a technological scenic pilot project of social activism with an academic impact that accompanies continuity in the post-compulsory education system. Promoted by Plàudite Teatre, in alliance with other agents.

According to the 2022 Active Population Survey (EPA), school dropout rates in Catalonia exceed 17% and especially affect young women who, in situations of intersectionality, are forced to abandon their studies.


Stage director: Eugenia Delgado Mata (Plàudite Teatre)
Stage mentor: Rosabel Huguet
Stage tutor: Marina Rodríguez Llorente
Stage coach: Tania Nezzar (Plàudite Teatre)
Director of Applied Technology: Marie-Monique Shaper, Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Design, Escola Politècnica Superior, Universitat de Lleida

This project is part of a research supported by the Women’s Institute of Spain in collaboration with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) (Milagros Sáinz Ibáñez, GenTIC). The research project seeks to develop a teaching guide with educational resources intended to help secondary school teachers and students reflect on the ethical impact of Artificial Intelligence in various areas of life. In addition, the aim is to combat gender bias and other prejudices present in the use of digital tools and applications that are powered by AI. #ACTFEM Tool kit

#ACTFEM it is being developed at the Jaume Botey and Bellvitge public high schools in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, (one of the most dense and diverse cities in Europe) during the 2023-2024 academic year.

The candidate identification process has been carried out by the counselors of the various public high schools of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).

Presentació de la següent fase del projecte pilot #ACTFEM als equips directius del instituts públics de l'Hospitalet

Presentation of the next phase of the #ACTFEM pilot project to the direct teams of the public high schools of l’Hospitalet at the Pedagogical Resources Center



“#Perfectly Imperfect” #ACTFEM
📆​ 28/05/2024  Teatre Joventut – Sala A

11:00h Function for young people from high schools

19:00h​ Free entry upon reservation at Eventbrite


“Where do the memories go?
Why you left?
Have you seen how he/she/it looked at you?
And what? If I shut up, it will hurt less?
Will he/she/it realize the love he/she/it captures?
Can the sea take away my memories like it takes away the words from the sand?
It is a new beginning, an opportunity to start from scratch, I am tired of borders; We still have to pack the kitchen things…”
Past, present and future. Ten people confront their identities, challenges, commitments, promises of love, memories. Together they meditate on who they were and who they are to invent who they will be.”

Show within the 20th Festival of Performing Arts of Santa Eulàlia

Artistic file:
Creation and interpretation: #ACTFEM
Stage direction: Rosabel Huguet, Marina Rodríguez Llorente and Tania Nezzar (Plàudite Teatre)
Artistic Direction: Eugenia Delgado Mata (Director of Plàudite Teatre)
Design and creation of the interactive costume: Marie-Monique Schaper, Rosa Gil, Mercè Teixidó Cairol, Judith Farré Bonet, Nadia Díaz Cano (Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Design, Escola Politècnica Superior, Universitat de Lleida)
Sound design: Skye Músic
Choreography music: AIRE​
Coordination: Noemí de Aldecoa (Plàudite Teatre)
Communication: MB Pozo Ruiz (Plàudite Teatre)

A production by Plàudite Teatre with the support of the Barcelona Provincial Council, the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music INAEM, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, Projecte Lliures and the Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council.
Show within the UNESCO Chair of Prevention of Violence against Women.



“Al Alba, Silencio”

A reinterpretation of the House of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca directed by Rosabel Huguet. With post-function colloquium.
📆 02/03/2024 i 📆 16/02/2024

Al Alba, Silencio

At Down, Silence


“Familie Flöz Masc”

The masks of the German physical theater company Familie Flöz directed by Marina Rodríguez Llorente. With post-function colloquium.
📆 22/12/2023

Familie Flöz Masc at #ACTFEM


“Helena. Who explains the History?”

A reinterpretation of the myth of Helena directed by Marina Rodríguez Llorente. With post-function colloquium.
📆 22/12/2023

Recreació del mite d’Helena. Qui conta la Història?

Recreation of the mite d’Helena. Who explains the History?



Barcelona Provincial Council

National Institute of Performing Arts Ministry of Culture Spanish Government

Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan

European Union – Next Generation

Projecte Lliures

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat Town Hall


Logo Diputació Barcelona      Amb el suport de l'Ajuntament de l'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Logo Financiado por la Unión EuropeaLogo PRTRLogo INAEM



Women’s Institute of the Spanish Ministry of Equality

OTOXO Productions

Fora de Quadre

Department of Education of the Catalan Government

Researching Gender in the Network Society (GenTic) de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Design, Escola Politècnica Superior, Universitat de Lleida

Bellvitge High School

Jaume Botey High School

JAPI Association

Project framed in the Unesco Chair of Prevention of Violence against Women.

Logo Catedra Unesco para la Prevención de la Violencia Contra las Mujeres




Presentació del projecte #ACTFEM a l'Institut Jaume Botey

Presentation of the #ACTFEM project to the Jaume Botey hight school



The young participants in the Actfem project (Photo: Aleix López – Catalunya Ràdio)


Press release (in catalan)



Escola Politècnica Superior, Universitat de Lleida 21/05/2024 Professorat i alumnat del Grau en Disseny Digital i Tecnologies Creatives participen en l’obra “Perfectament Imperfectes” del programa #ACTFEM 

El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio web 17/01/2024  Teatre contra l’abandonament escolar: “Volem evitar el camí predestinat de moltes noies”

El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio audio 17/01/2024 Clara Segura: “El teatre és una catapulta per als col·lectius oprimits”

Informatiu TV LH 14.11.2023 Les noies del projecte ActFem debuten a l’escenari

LH Digital, 19/09/2023 El projecte ActFem comença el treball escènic amb les joves participants

Diari LH Núm. 392 18/09/2023, pàg. 23 Plàudite Teatre posa en marxa el projecte ACTFEM

TV LH Informatiu 09.06.2023 Engega motors el projecte #ACTFEM de Plàudite Teatre

Projecte Lliures #ActFem, el projecte que lluita contra l’abandonament escolar per aturar la violència estructural de gènere

LH Digital, 16/09/2022  Plàudite Teatre engega un programa per fer front a l’abandonament escolar de les noies a batxillerat

TV LH Informatiu 16. 09. 2022 Plàudite Teatre engega un programa per fer front a l’abandonament escolar

XarxaNet 06/07/2022 Eugenia Delgado: “Quan gaudim del dret a la cultura la nostra vida pot canviar”



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