Fostering young critical thinking

Fostering young critical thinking

” width=”300″ height=”188″/>   ” width=”300″ height=”188″/>   A project that fosters the critical spirit of young people through theater, which invites them to reflect and create a show with other young people.

With the collaboration of the Youth Area of the City of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

3th EDITION. WORKSHOP 2019-20. After the success of the workshop 2017-18, this year participate 4 high schools from L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona): Apel·els Mestres, Jaume Botey, Pedraforca i Bellvitge. About 60 young people will jointly create their own show around their concerns, always sifting through the crucible of the critical spirit, which will also help them identify and neutralize “fake news.”

The workshops are free and open to all young people who want to participate.

Fostering the critical spirit

Young people from different contexts relate to each other, share common concerns and attitudes towards life and the society in which they live, and express them through an artistic experience such as theater, blurring possible prejudices and stigmas. The young people volunteer and talk openly about topics of their interest.

Violence in the young spotlight

In the 2nd workshop we are working in a spectacle called “Violences” in order to show, fight and avoid the violence in high schools. The kids have composed the lyrics of a hip-hop rithm in order to denounce the violence they have been suffering at the school, at the streets, and so on. They have used a musical base “Still D.R.E.” from the big Dr. Dre (André Young).

The second video is what their teachers and audience attending the show think about all the process and the show.



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